Teaching Learning Methodology



Phoenix has designed a state–of-the–art synchronous Learning Methodology combing the best features of conventional classroom learning with world–class resource center and job readiness program, thus providing a true link between education and employment. We believe in paying special attention to develop the right attitude and outlook in our students by using interactive learning methods not only to develop sharp business acumen but also a sound and complete personality. We offer courses that are designed to help students embark upon successful careers. World class intellect, ultra modern infrastructure, focused curriculum, systematic training methodology & internship program make learning at Phoenix an enriching and extremely rewarding experience.

Experience, expertise, excellence and aptitude for research define our multi-disciplinary faculty members. Dedicated professionals sourced from varied streams & disciplines form the College’s resource panel of visiting faculties. Prominent international academicians are regularly (at least once a month) invited to enrich the overall learning value thus making education at Phoenix justly global.

The Faculty at Phoenix are always in pursuit of new & effective techniques of teaching, training and counseling, and always strive for excellence in their performance. Studies at PIC go beyond classroom teachings, reading and discussions. It also include workshops, internships, research, role playing, presentations, group discussions, exhibitions/displays, field-work, project-work, site-visits, excursions, assignments, seminars and other practical experiences, that will prepare the students not just for the University’s examinations but for all the major tests of life. Maximum utilization of Audio-Visual aids & gadgets are encouraged for quick and better understanding of the subject-matter.


Another important aspect of our programs is the industry integrated internship which provides the students an opportunity to work with reputed companies from different sectors where they are exposed to real-live work environment and where they get the opportunity to test their ideas and the learned skills.

Phoenix College of Management believes that all education in order to be really effective and worthwhile needs to be practiced. As such, Phoenix has entered into bilateral agreements with renowned national and international business, financial, and industrial houses for necessary internship and placement of its students. During the final semester, students are offered the opportunity of undergoing internship in Malaysia.

Soft Skill Program

We want our students to acquire a holistic approach. Coupled with merit, it transforms them into multi faceted professionals Therefore, personality development and confidence building sessions are integrated with our course structure. Specialized instructors are always at hand to impart these skills.

Student Exchange program

We have initiated exchange program with foreign institutions of repute. Such program provides a better understanding of teaching/learning methods besides giving the students a better poise. Students learn to appreciate diverse cultures and working environment and develop a holistic vision.

Mentoring Program

PCM’s mentoring program aims to foster mentor –mentee relationship between the corporate leaders and students so that the latter can regularly interact with their mentors on issues related to academics, career progression, and even life beyond their homes, studies, and university, The Phoenix Mentors who spend time with the students on weekends guide their mentees in all aspects of entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, and general management, besides assisting them to enhance their managerial and other relevant skills.

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell of PCM not only arranges internship and placement opportunities for students through its efficient industry network, but also maps individual student’s potential to guide them in the right direction, besides making availability of right opportunities for career growth. The placement cell, with regular industry interface, creates a professional niche for each student.

It is a matter of pride that Lincoln University’s degrees are already acclaimed worldwide, thus the potential graduates of Phoenix can look forward to receiving attractive employment offers from reputed multinational organizations from both within and outside the country.

Wide –Ranging Content Domains

Our content development and conversion services offer an array of domain knowledge, technology, and delivery platforms. In addition to offering content development for a wide range of learner profiles, we offer expertise in customizing the same content for different target audiences, environments and delivery modes for multiple learner objectives and audiences, To us, custom learning solutions imply developing new content or transforming existing content, duly identifying an integrated learning approach to give the appropriate mix that best aligns to our student’s goals .

International Edge

Phoenix adheres to rigorous quality assurance processes so as to make all its programs and deliverables truly international by being Incredible, Balanced, Meaningful and Superior, thus consistent with our core values. For the first time in Nepal we are offering various programs in institutional Partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, U.K , the University of Cambridge, U.K., the Hegga –Hella (University of applied Science)University of London, the University of Huddersfield, Saint Louis University, Presbyterian University, Tribhuwan University, Nepal, Southeast University, and Saint Louis University. Our students also get opportunities to visit foreign countries, thereby exposing them to cross-cultural activities and other aspects of alien life.

Student Leadership Development Program

For Management Education to be effective, it should not only concentrate on delivering sound theoretical concepts but simultaneously provide congenial environment wherein students can practice what they have learnt in the class room, thus enabling them to generate feasible solutions to real managerial problems that they encounter. PCM firmly believes in augmenting the communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills of its students, as such it encourages its students to initiate, create, and lead various academic and research endeavours under the active facilitation and support of its Faculty.

E- Environment

Phoenix utilizes the latest technologies for enhancing the ease and effectiveness of teaching and learning. The entire premises of PCM is Wi Fi enabled vicinity . A laptop supporting the College’s Wi-Fi is provided on scheduled payment basis to each individual who wishes to avail of such facility. A unique login ID and password allow each student the access to international articles, case studies, lectures/tutorials, and college’s journals not only during their tenure as PIC students but throughout their career (for us, “Once OUR STUDENT means “Always OUR AFFILATE”). Both the students and faculty can interact via the web login feature from any place and with any concerned person. Phoenix offers free e-library accessibility to all its faculty and students.

Active Help Desk

The feature of the Help Desk in PCM website aims to respond forth right to all queries regarding Phoenix’s programs, related affairs or other professional/personal issues which current/past/prospective students and guardians wish to convey, discuss or seek counsel.

Student Media and Service Organization

As students in large measure shape the quality of life inside the College premises, various student groups are constituted in PCM to coordinate student activities. In short, life at Phoenix center around a diversity of activities – intellectual, social and athletic – designed to provide interesting and rewarding experiences which will enhance an individual’s overall development. Students serve on different committees assigned with the responsibility of fulfilling the cultural, intellectual, social and recreational interests of the student body.
Written, edited and produced by the students under the supervision of a senior faculty, a quarterly magazine offering reports on college events, student views on current issues, and students’ literary creations, is published to encourage the students to shed off their inhibitions and voice their sentiments. The students’ editorial body also edits and maintain a wall magazine displaying jokes, short stories/essays, innovative ideas/concepts, amusing news and strange events, contributed by the students.
Several service-oriented student’s organizations namely, the Student’s Sports Council, the Student’s Cultural Council, the Student’s Academic Council, the Student’s Welfare Council, and the Student’s Guidance Council are constituted and the students motivated to undertake active roles in the promotion of the college’s academic, cultural, recreational, intellectual, sporting, social, research & creative activities. It is assumed that with such participation, not only will the students enhance their personality, outlook, intelligence and physique, but they will be inspired to develop the spirit of kinship, co-operation, team-work, tolerance, and understanding.


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