Phoenix College of Management provides scholarships to meritorious, needy and deserving students. Scholarships are also granted to students from marginal & underprivileged communities and remote areas. Such scholarships are reserved as per the norms & regulations of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Nepal.

Phoenix Fellowship (PF)

Phoenix Fellowship is a performance-based award established to offer financial support to graduating students. Students can apply for PF every year. The fellowship shall be awarded to those who work successfully to become qualified graduates.

Phoenix Talents Scholarship (PTS)

PTS is awarded to selected students from each program. National talents in the field of sports, music, art, & literature can be considered eligible for such scholarships.

Phoenix Welfare Scholarship (PWS)

PWS is awarded to needy and deserving students from marginalized and disadvantaged strata of the society. This scholarship is awarded to six students from each faculty and provides financial assistance equivalent to college fee.


Affiliated To Lincoln University College