The major aim of any education should be the training of the mind as an instrument of knowledge, and not simply to fill it with the furniture of objective knowledge. Education, be it general or specific, should focus on the total development – intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and ethical, of an individual, through the offering of superior academic and non-academic programs of study.

As the college education which determines an individual’s prospects in life is a major influencing factor not only on his career, but his character and attitude as well, it should not be restricted to the development of intellectual and physical aspects of the person, but should be extended to impart spiritual and moral training, eventually leading to the creation of a pious, responsible and patriotic citizen, who respects not only himself, but also those around him.

Mr. Prem B. Katuwal




We are living in a global village now where understanding and respecting each other’s culture and appreciating what others have to offer is becoming so important. The difference between knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable will keep on creating a major impact on global economy in the 21st century. This is one of the reasons why Lincoln University College, Malaysia is focused on building alliances and collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions, all around the world. Lincoln University College truly enjoys internationalization of education due to the fact that many of our students come from more than 44 international countries. Nepal has always been our high priority and our unique educational collaboration with Phoenix College of Management, Nepal will help us achieve our long term goal of setting up quality programs from Degree to Doctoral levels.

Through this unique educational collaboration we plan to impart relevant and industry-specific academic programs, in order to produce the finest quality business graduates. We look forward to helping future generations of students fulfill their potential and excel in their corporate lives. The full potential of the collaborative educational programs in Nepal by Lincoln University College, Malaysia will only be explored once we are able to form strategic alliances with local Nepalese businesses, different governmental agencies and policy makers. We, at Lincoln University College, are convinced that in the future, universities will also be judged by the quality of their international partnerships and only then the true essence of already established partnerships such as the one that we have developed with Phoenix College of Management in Nepal will be appreciated fully.

Dr Amiya Bhaumik






Hello and welcome to Phoenix College of Management (PCM). PCM has been established with a noble cause of imparting professional and academic education at post graduate and under graduate levels in the fields of management.

Today, management education needs more than ever the creation of competitive and sustainable strategies. We need responsible and farsighted professionals with high morals. Skilled and committed leaders with higher sense of discipline, dedication and determination are the need of the hour. Training and learning has to be economically and socially productive.

Thus Phoenix College of Management is providing management education all inclusive –theory and practice. Its culture is based on proactive help and active interaction. It aims at improving quality education by inspiring and exciting the new aspirants to improve their intellectual capability, work hard and innovate new strategies to combat the problems of the fast changing business environment. It stimulates their thinking process, skills and confidence. It imparts knowledge with in-depth understanding and complete involvement. It helps the students to acquire skills and change their attitude to develop global mind-set. It promotes the culture of entrepreneurship with effective communication skills, grows their personality and enables them to take right decisions at the right moment.

Dr. Binod B. Khatry



Affiliated To Lincoln University College