Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated. The course focuses on scientific and technical  areas  related  to  software,  network,  web,  database  and  internet  services,  along  with  areas  such  as management, communications and human behaviour. The student throughthis course will gain in-depth knowledge and  be  prepared  for  jobs  in  the  information  technology  profession.  In  addition,  graduates  will  display  effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment and ethical and social understanding.

The program aims to give knowledge with depth and accuracy of the impact of information technology within an organization, with society at large, and a detailed appreciation of the impact of information technology on the global scale. The students are taught to achieve their academic goals by engaging in scholarly activities related   to   economic   development   of   the   region   through   partnerships   with   industry,   inventors,   and entrepreneurs. The objective is to apply the knowledge to help the society to develop in a positive way

Semester 1
Total Credit: 19
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Business English BIT 113 Major 3
2. Computer Network BIT 124 Compulsary 4
3. C-programming BIT 115 Major 4
4. Maths - I BIT 116 Major 4
5. Basic Computer Architecture BIT 112 Major 4
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Internet Fundamental & Applications BIT 111 Major 4
2. Maths II BIT 125 Compulsary 4
3. Advanced Computer Netwwork BIT 121 Major 4
4. Java Programming BIT 243 Major 4
5. Operating System BIT 235 Major 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Digital Logic BIT 126 Major 4
2. Data Structures and Algorithms BIT 234 Major 4
3. Industrial Management MWS 362 Compulsary 4
4. Web Technology BIT 233 Major 4
5. E-commerce BIT 232 Major 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Database Management System BIT 231 Major 4
2. System Analysis and Design BIT 123 Major 3
3. Technopreneurship BIT 243 Compulsary 3
4. Complier & Design Construction BIT 354 Major 4
5. Artifical Intelligence BIT 353 Major 4
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Software Engineering BIT 244 Major 4
2. Cyber Security Law & Policy CSLPA 322 Major 3
3. Cryptography MWCM353 Compulsary 4
4. Multimedia System BIT 364 Major 4
5. Leadership Skills and Human Relations BIT 122 Major 2
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Business Research Methods BIT 356 Major 4
2. Values & Ethics in Profession VEP 363 Major 3
3. Mobile Computing BIT 351 Compulsary 4
4. Software Project Management BIT 362 Major 4
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Management Information System MIS 114 Major 3
2. System Software and Administration BIT 472 Major 3
3. Cloud Computing BIT 361 Major 4
4. Final Year Project BIT 474 Major 6
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Industrial Training BIT 365 Major 6

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