Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA programme is developed for those desirous of pursuing a challenging career in business and innovation management. The students shall be trained in numerous disciplines, viz., marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, business law, psychology and other indispensable skills considered essential to become a competent manager. It combines strong functional training with intensive exposure to communication skills, computer applications, plus other social sciences and applied sciences. Programme is affiliated to Lincoln University College (ranked 301+ in Times Higher Education University Impact Ranking 2019)

Silent Features of our Program
  • Quality education from experienced faculties
  • Get an International Degree in Nepal.
  • Approved by Ministry of education.
  • TU equivalent, globally recognized.
  • Linkage with corporate sector and industry for internship and job replacement.
  • Reasonable fees and central location.

Extra Non-Credit Course

  • Case Analysis Session
  • Personality Development Session
  • Basics of MS Office Package
  • Court Visit - Business Law/Company Law

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Semester 1
Total Credit: 15
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Business English I BBA 1113 MINOR 3
2. Principles of Management BBA 1133 MINOR 3
3. Microeconomics BBA 2413 MINOR 3
4. Introduction to Accounting BBA 1143 MINOR 3
5. Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming BBA 1153 MINOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Human Resources management BBA 1213 MAJOR 3
2. Principles of Marketing BBA 1223 MAJOR 3
3. Internet Fundamental & Applications BBA 1233 MAJOR 3
4. Macroeconomics BBA 2553 MAJOR 3
5. Business English II BBA 1253 MAJOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Business Organization BBA 1313 MAJOR 3
2. Quantitative Methods (Statistics) BBA 2523 MAJOR 3
3. Business Communication BBA 1123 MAJOR 3
4. Product & Operation Management BBA 643 MAJOR 3
5. Entrepreneurship BBA 1243 MAJOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Business Law BBA 1323 MAJOR 3
2. Project Management BBA 2423 MAJOR 3
3. Introduction To Financial Accounting BBA 2433 MAJOR 3
4. Company Law BBA 2453 MAJOR 3
5. Psychology BBA 3763 MAJOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. International Business Management BBA 2543 MAJOR 3
2. Marketing Management BBA 3733 MAJOR 3
3. Business Ethics BBA 2513 MAJOR 3
4. Sociology BBA 1263 MAJOR 3
5. Management Information System BBA 2533 MAJOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. E-Commerce BBA 2463 MINOR 3
2. Organizational Behavior BBA 2633 MINOR 3
3. Consumer Behavior BBA 2443 MINOR 3
4. Strategic Management BBA 3813 MINOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Retail Management (RM) BBA 3713 MAJOR 3
2. Event Management BBA 3723 MAJOR 3
3. Business Environment BBA 3755 MAJOR 3
4. Business Research Methods BBA 3843 MAJOR 3
5. Business Finance BBA 3766 MAJOR 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Marketing Research BBA 3853 MAJOR 3
2. Multinational Enterprise BBA 3863 MAJOR 3
3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) BBA 3743 MAJOR 3
4. Bachelor’s Thesis on Internship (Internship Project) BBA 3913 MAJOR 6
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Banking and insurance BBA 3855 MAJOR 3
2. Taxation and Auditing BBA 3866 MAJOR 3
3. Financial Management BBA 3877 MAJOR 3
4. Bachelor's Thesis on Internship (Internship Project) BBA 3913 MAJOR 3

Our Students, Our Pride!

"Phoenix College of Management as an educational institution has made a great
contribution towards the educational sector of the country."

Phoenix College of Management provides the finest platform to the professionals to hone their skills in every way, be it in curriculum or the exposer. My decision to choose Phoenix helped me to shine and grow my professional career by nurturing my personality and strength. I’m grateful to the management and faculty of Phoenix for supporting me to outshine in this competitive corporate world. I recommend choosing Phoenix for unlimited exhibition of opportunities to the development of personal and professional talent for fast growing careers.

Mr. Nikhil Agrawal

I am glad with my choice to enroll at Phoenix. The students, faculty and the friendly environment to learn has motivated me alot. I must say that I had an opportunity to develop confidence and communication skills which are very much essential for me to grow professionally. No matter which industries I will do my next career steps, I will always appreciate and remember the experiences I gained during my MBA study at Phoenix.  Thank you so much to the entire Phoenix family.

Ms Neelam Dhungana

Phoenix College of Management is well equipped with the facilities that bring about the best in us. As I did, fresher students feel that they have selected the exact and best college for their MBA degree. Personal attention of lectures, supportive management, career focused learning opportunities and skill driven learning approach are some of the unique factors that I have experienced in a very short span of time.

Mr. Nitesh Chand

Exploring one's educational capabilities along with overall personality development and combination of this really adds spark to student's life. PCM prepares every student as a highly spirited individual in order to enter in the competitive business environment. I take this opportunity to thank college administration and my wonderful teachers for their delight guidance.

Ms. Dikshya Subedi

Pursuing my MBA at Phoenix College significantly enhanced my ability to understand and navigate the complexities of the business world. The program provided me with invaluable insights and strategies to approach challenges from diverse perspectives, ultimately strengthening my leadership skills and decision-making capabilities as I continue to run my company.

Mr Sisan Baniya

<p>The MBA program at Phoenix College provided me with a comprehensive curriculum, expert faculty, and invaluable networking opportunities, and also equipping me with the skills and relevant knowledge.<br></p>

Binayak Kuikel

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Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal