Aspiration of PCM

Aspirations of PCM


PCM aspires to look to the future and contemplates to develop innovative ways of providing the nation’s citizens with greater access to quality managerial education. In addition, it emphasizes creative, scholarly and recreational activities that support & enhance its academic programs. It regularly strengthens its teaching, research and service partnership to meet the needs of a continually changing world. Its basic goal is to provide an educational environment that leads students to independent thought, creativity & mastery of the fundamentals essential to a productive life.
PCM is committed towards:

  • offering affordable but superior managerial education that generates responsible & productive citizens
  • providing individualized learning and personal attention
  • meeting the needs of a diverse and changing student population
  • Offering global academic programs build on the unique & cultural environment of the country
  • Stressing an international perspective by emphasizing global trends & cross-cultural experiences

Affiliated To Lincoln University College