Online Application Form

Online Application Form

  • Phoenix International College has the following policies, rules and regulation. Each applicant is suggested to read carefully and sign below.

    1) At the Time of Admission, every Student Must:

    » Provide authentic information about them. Any false declaration is unacceptable.
    » Provide attested photocopies of the academic certificates received.
    » Agree to pay the tuition and other fee on time as proposed by the college.
    » Agree to inform the college administration if address and contact number changed.
    » Agree to inform the college if s/he fails to enroll the college in given deadlines.

    2) Attendance and Punctuality

    » Each student is required to maintain at least 85% attendance of their classes and official college activities.
    » Attendance will be taken every day and in every lesson.
    » If a student misses 10 classes in each subject per semester, they are not allowed to appear for the semester examination.
    » If a student needs a leave, they have to fill up a leave application form stating the reasons for leave and period covered and also assure how they plan to recover what they have missed

    3) Assessment, Examination and Assignments

    » Assessment, examination and assignments will be guided by the academic calendar of Phoenix International College.
    » Assessment and evaluation will be done through different ways- written examinations, written assignments, project works, case studies, and presentation.
    » Acting dishonestly or unfairly in connection with any examination, assessment or assignments conducted by course lecturers /staff will be considered as a serious offence.

    4) Discipline, The college expects students:

    » To be polite respectful to the Principal, coordinator, the professors and the personnel of the college in general.
    » To show self-respect, responsibility and respect for the personality of other students irrespective of gender.
    » To respect and appreciate the premises and the property of the college.
    » Not to provoke or harass in any way their fellow students and in general not to endanger the lives or the bodily integrity of the lecturers or their fellow students with their actions.
    » To take reasonable care to protect their own health and take safety measures in college actives.

    5) Rights and Obligation

    » Every student of the college has the rights to be instructed in the course to which s/he has been accepted, and the college is obliged toprovide them with learning in the best Possible way, by employing qualified and fully trained staff, suitably equipped laboratories, a library
    and other general means that are considered necessary for their education and training.
    » Every college student has certain rights and obligations that are directly connected to their capacity as students and remain in force
    throughout their studying at the college.
    » Every student has the right to think and act freely within the college provided they do not break the Regulations and complies with the recommendations of the competent college authorities.
    » The students should not obstruct the normal functioning of college services, nor take actions that are likely to harm property assets of the college or endanger the bodily integrity of persons within the college premises.
    » The behaviour of students must be in accord to the Work Regulations of the college.
    » Students are obliged to respect academic propriety and not appropriate part or the entire intellectual work of others. Such actions as cheating at exams, falsifying and forging information or documents, are considered punishable acts and are referred to the Disciplinary
    Committee of the college.

    6) Offences

    » If a student is found guilty of misbehavior or misconduct, the college administration has the right to take appropriate action against the student
    » Behavior (Violence, intimidation and harassment), which may hinder the academic progress or work performance, is not tolerated and strict action is taken against the students who are involved in such misbehaviours.
    » Chewing of gums and use of tobacco is strictly prohibited in college premises
    » We discourage using mobile phones during the college time expect unavoidable circumstances.
    » Students are not allowed to leave the college during the college hours.

    7) Fees, Charges and Refund Policy

    » The college makes every effort to ensure that our potential and enrolled students are made aware of its fees, charges and refund policy.
    » Students who register for classes have a legal obligation to pay all the tuition and other fees. Partial payment options are available during early registration.
    » Unpaid tuition and other fees are subject to the collection procedures of the college, which may include placing holds on future registration, and withholding transcripts.
    » The college may charge for extra services and resources provided such as, text books, photocopying, additional copies or re-issue of qualification and academic transcripts, follow up changes associated with late or non-payment, overdue fees, dishonour cheque fees, late marking or assessment re-sit fees.
    » Payment can generally be made by cash or direct bank deposit voucher.
    » Fees incorporate an admission fee, module(s) fee, library fee, sports fee and Lincoln University registration fee, and are publicly available on the college website and promotional materials.
    » All forms of fees are non-transferable to other student.
    » All paid fees are non-refundable unless mentioned refundable.

    8) Student Declaration

    I declare that the information given on this form is correct and the documents that I have submitted are genuine to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also give consent for processing of information provided to Phoenix International College. Furthermore, the college may make reasonable checks to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of documents I have submitted with this application.