Vision, Mission & Objectives


PCM shall develop real contact with the world around it – welcoming, easily accessible and ready for courteous cooperation with different parties. It shall be an attractive, stimulating, creative and equal workplace, characterized by interesting encounters. It shall always promote the belief : “what counts is what you do, and not who you are”


The mission of Phoenix College of Management is to prepare its students for successful productive future, make the world a better place by generating outstanding citizens with high ethical values and moral codes, and give something of value back to the society. To achieve its sublime mission, the college intends to:

  • Amalgamate academic achievements with character building, sense of discipline and humane touch in the students, besides enthusing a sense of social responsibility, which is an integral part of all learning.
  • Challenge the students to achieve academic excellence, striving to learn more, to keep learning, and to set the highest possible standards for themselves, all in a nurturing community that focuses on the individual needs of each student.
  • Be committed to a personal touch, and a higher spiritual approach designed to foster self-assurance and self-esteem.


PCM aims to establish itself as a “hallmark of educational excellence” renowned for its distinctive curricula, academic excellence and outstanding research. Besides offering superior managerial education, it shall always strive to make learning more effective, purposeful and productive. Clearly stated the objectives of PCM are as follows:

  • Constantly look ahead to keep pace with developing concepts & technology, its policy shall be one of continuously improvement in teaching techniques, and in the presentation and content of study materials.
  • Recognize that working to make the world a better place is an integral part of a comprehensive college education shall thus offer intellectual and spiritual knowledge to its students, making them highly competent to achieve their specific goals in life.
  • Effectively train the students to achieve academic excellence, besides motivating them to be more creative, productive, responsible and caring individuals, sensitive to the needs of their fellow humans.
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial traits in the students and promote all round entrepreneurship
  • Encourage its students to take chances, to explore new avenues of expression, and follow a passion.
  • Generate decent human values and ethical behavior in the students.